A Guide to Online Blackjack

Gambling is a hugely popular pass-time. Figures published by www.casino.org show that 1.6 billion people worldwide gamble, with 4.2 billion people worldwide stating that they gamble at least once per year. As a result, online casinos such as http://www.phonewp8.com/ open regularly, bringing the fun of a casino online.

How to Play Online Blackjack

Blackjack is a staple of both the bricks and mortar and online casinos. It is a card table game, with either on-screen messages usually taking the place of the croupier in the online casino version. The game is played in the following step by step stages:

  1. Bets are placed - the amounts you bet depends on the casino you are playing at, but are usually $1, $5, $25, $100 You then click 'deal' or the equivalent button.
  2. You are 'dealt' your cards and they are shown on screen. The object of the game is to get cards adding to the value of 21 but not go over it.
  3. You have various options depending on the variation of the game you are playing. However, the basics are to 'hit', which is to be given more cards, or stand', to stick with the cards you have,
  4. You show your cards and have either won or lost.

If you have won you may want to continue playing and so keep the money in the casino, or you may want to withdraw it. Withdrawing is usually straightforward and buttons on the screen will guide you through it. The Online Casino sites tend to be very user-friendly.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Winning?

In order to increase your chances of success the first step to take is to familiarise yourself with the rules. Remember the rules can be slightly different in a different version, for example, you may have more options for your hand or they may have different names.

Remember that these games are designed to be played quickly and give you little time to plan what you are going to do. To be more successful you should go against this, take your time and decide what action you are going to take.

How Can I Be Sure Online Blackjack is Safe?

The main thing you can do to ensure your game is safe is to check the casino you are playing in is legitimate. Casinos that are legitimate are registered and licensed, and display their license and registration information. This means that they are held accountable for the transactions.

There is a conspiracy theory that casinos rig the game in their favor, but that isn't really true. Casinos use software which determines which card or which player is the winner, it's not a manual process and can't be tampered with in any way.

Conspiracy Theories about Blackjack

There are various theories and conspiracies about ways in which online blackjack is rigged in the online casino's favour. In addition to the computer somehow being manipulated to only pay who the casino wanted, some other superstitions and myths that are out there are these:

  • Legitimate casinos which are licensed would lose their license if they tampered with the
  • Reviews are powerful and word out get around .

The gambler's fallacy is strong in online blackjack communities. The fallacy is, for example, 'I've had no kings in the last 2 hands, I'll have them this time'. This isn't true either. It's a dealt card game, you receive cards at random so anything can happen at any time!


How to Play Responsibly

Online casinos are fun sites. They do replicate the real thing and games like blackjack are popular for a reason as they are exciting to play. However, it is important not to get carried away and to stay in control and to play safely.

Remember that once any initial free spins or matched deposit ends that you are gambling and you are spending your own real money. Set a budget and stick to it. Never gamble any amount that you are not prepared to lose. Make sure that it stays fun.