Plumbing As A Career: The Unthanked Heroes

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Of all the trades in New Zealand it is plumbing that has the biggest rap, as is it  seen by most people as a filthy and very tough job that no one in their right mind would want to do. Ironically this very attitude has a very positive impact on the plumbing industry, as virtually no householder wants to tackle their own leaking  or blocked sewer pipe. By it’s very nature any sewage problem is pretty urgent, and so the householder is prepared to pay top dollar to have a problem removed quickly, efficiently and safely.

Plumbers in Tauranga who are happy to take on urgent work can find this very lucrative indeed, but often the householder while being happy to pay for the work still cannot understand why the plumber is prepared to do it. The work almost always involves dealing directly with raw sewage.

The modern plumber with a good reputation in the industry will actually enjoy their work enormously, and not just because of the money they can earn. Plumbing is one of the ultimate protections for human health in any community, and they know this s only too well. They see themselves as a key protector of the community, and regard their specialised knowledge and skills with a great deal of pride and professionalism. Anybody who is interested in how a particular profession works will almost certainly be very impressed when they talk to one, because it will quickly become apparent that their skill sets and experience and knowledge has taken them a long time and a lot of effort to acquire.

Fortunately while plumbers are not publicly hailed as heroes, in private any householder or their neighbour or friend who has engaged with one will in almost every case be happy to praise their work ethic and professionalism.

The plumber who runs a fully mobile emergency repair shop will be equipped for virtually every eventuality, but in the average urban setting the most likely problems will be to do with the old earthenware sewer pipes becoming blocked with tree roots etc. In almost every case he will be able to remove this blockage by feeding a long rotating drill bit down the sewer pipe and cutting away all of the roots and other matter flush with the inside of the pipe.

They may also run a remote camera through the pipe to check whether there is any damage that is just going to cause a reoccurrence of the blockage, and in rare cases they will find damage that is severe enough that warrants the pipe or at least a section of it to be dug up and replaced. In these situations he becomes a true hero,  because the digging is just simply hard work and almost always needs to be done manually, and the replacing of the old server with a new pipe is just very dirty work.

The plumber can enlist the help of the householder and their friends to help dig the trench and then to backfill it afterwards, and this will save a lot of time. Once the work is completed the plumber will head back to their workshop and have a well earned hot shower and then change into clean clothing so they can go home. They can retire at the end of the day knowing that they have  made a very unsafe situation safety again.